Certificate in Equine Transport

It's the Law
From 3rd January 2008 any person who drives a vehicle carrying horses on journeys over 65KM in distance in connection with an economic activity will have to hold a Certificate in Equine Transport

Dept of Agriculture HSI

The course covers the principals and will equip you with the knowledge of the requirements concerning the protection of horses during transport and related operations

Type 1 and Type 2 Authorisation
This course will Cover you for Type 1 Authorisation (for journeys over 65KM and up to and including 8 hours in duration within Ireland and Northern Ireland. Type 2 Authorisation covers journeys over 8 hours within and from Ireland.

Transporters must carry their Transport Authorisation Certificate or a copy of it whenever they are transporting horses.

When you complete this course with the Gill Group, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine will issue you with the Certificate in Equine Transport. This cert is valid for ten years. If you would like to book this or get more information please us call on 096 73030, email info@gillgroup.ie or use our Enquiry Form