Digital & Analogue Tachograph Courses

This is a one day course for drivers and/or managers using Siemens and Stoneridge Optac Vehicle Units (Digital) and drivers will be given the opportunity to experience downloading tachograph cards. The course will also cover all topics relating to Analogue Tachograph cards.

Driver fatigue is a known risk factor in road collisions. Fatigue can cause loss of concentration or, worse, lead to a driver falling asleep at the wheel. Fatigue is a significant factor in heavy commercial vehicle crashes.

EU law regulates the driving time of professional drivers using goods vehicles over 3.5t (including trailers) and passenger vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats. The key requirements are that you must not drive:

  • Without a break for more than 4.5 hours. After driving for 4.5 hours, a break of at least 45 minutes is mandatory. You can distribute that break over the 4.5 hours.
  • For more than nine hours per day or 56 hours per week. This may be extended to 10 hours no more than twice during a week
  • More than 90 hours in two consecutive weeks

There are also strict regulations regarding the average working time and the amount of rest that must be taken daily and weekly. Tachographs are instruments that measure the amount of time a driver is on the road.

There are two kinds: digital and analogue. Both are fitted in the cab of trucks and buses and are used to monitor compliance with driver hours' legislation. Digital tachographs became mandatory in new commercial lorries and buses in May 2006.

The provision of driver cards for use by drivers, companies, calibration workshops and enforcement officers is central to digital tachographs. Data is stored in the vehicle unit memory and on driver smart cards. The data contains a range of information including distance covered, vehicle speed (for previous 24 hours of driving), vehicle licence number, and driver activity (driving, rest, breaks, other work, periods of availability).

A driver's card can store information for a minimum of 28 days before it begins to be overwritten; the vehicle unit has a larger memory capacity and can store data for 365 days.

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