Advanced & Defensive Driving

As in all businesses people strive to be their best and we do also. As a result of this we became members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and Diamond to name but a few. In turn this allows us to promote and provide training through our Advanced Driving Programme which will help drivers to have a long and safe life driving on the roads as people are 80% less likely to be involved in a crash in their lifetime after completing the Advanced Driving Programme.

Who is Advanced Driving & Occupational Driver Training geared towards? It is geared towards people who drive for a living, i.e. sales rep, truck drivers, coach drivers, or anyone who drives as part of their work.

What are the advantages to a company for doing this course?

  1. Tuition with fully Approved & Registered Advanced Driving Tutors with IAM, ROSPD, & DIAmond.
  2. Satisfaction in knowing that the drivers and staff are competent, safe & courteous.
  3. That driver's are 80% less likely to be involved in a crash with comparison to ordinary drivers.
  4. Reduced Insurance costs once drivers complete an Advanced Driving Test.
  5. Reduced Diesel and Fuel costs as Drivers are shown the Ecological style of Driving (Eco Driving).
  6. Reduced maintenance costs on vehicles as drivers are using the vehicle correctly and therefore there is less wear & tear on the vehicle.
  7. Longevity of vehicles as drivers are now driving with empathy for the vehicles
  8. Driver observation will increase by 70%
  9. Better driver & staff moral
  10. Improves company's bottom line at the end of the year because of reduced costs overall.

On completion of the course, we would advise each driver to take an Advanced Driver test in their appropriate vehicles be it the company car, personal car, or whatever they would normally drive. This gives a company good creditability in knowing that all their drivers are Advanced Drivers and have taken tests to prove this, It may also greatly reduce the companies' insurance costs.

If you would like more information on advanced/defensive driving please call 096 73030, email or use our Enquiry Form