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Articulated Lorry Tuition

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Course Requirements:

  • Vehicle Category EC
  • Age Requirement 21 yrs or 18 if you have completed Driver CPC theory tests
  • Learner Permit Required? Yes for Category EC
  • Days Tuition Available 6 days a week

Notes: In order to obtain a learner permit for the artic applicants must be over 18 yrs and already possess a full licence for the rigid lorry (category C). If you sat a theory test for the Rigid you DO NOT have to sit another one for the artic lorry. However if you passed your rigid test some years ago before the theory test came out , you would have to sit a theory test for a lorry before obtaining your learner permit for the artic.

To book your theory test go to or call 1890 606 106 & book the theory test for Category C

  1. Apply for the EC Driving Test on or by filling out the form & posting it to the RSA with the fee of €120
  2. Take some driving lessons to get you up to the standard the tester will expect in order for you to pass the driving test.

If you have any questions or want to book a lesson call us today on 096 73030, email or use our Enquiry Form