Advanced & Defensive Driving

Who is Advanced Driving & Occupational Driver Training geared towards?
It is geared towards people who drive quite a lot i.e. truck drivers, coach drivers, sales reps, or anyone who drives as part of their work, or persons wishing to upskill for their own safety. Having completed an advanced driving course may reduce your motor insurance costs.

What is involved? The course begins with a PowerPoint presentation showing what is involved in defensive driving, the techniques and what is required to become a better driver. Some of the topics covered are:

  1. Hazard Perception & Awareness
  2. Observation
  3. Driver Attitude
  4. Driver Fatigue
  5. Drink Driving & the Laws
  6. Two way communication devices & the dangers using them and driving
  7. Safety belts
  8. Space & Time
  9. Weather & Climate Conditions
  10. Vehicle checks
  11. Night Driving
  12. Roads - Types & Conditions

The In Vehicle Driver Training starts with a vehicle and eyesight check followed by an assessment drive from the delegates so that we can establish an idea of the driver's ability. Our Instructor will then give a demonstration drive with a commentary to show just how far ahead it is possible to plan. The principles of a "Systematic" approach based on the IAM driving manual "How To Be A Better Driver" will be demonstrated in this drive. The delegates are then invited to take a second turn behind the wheel and receive helpful tuition and advice.

After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report which will highlight any areas that can be improved upon. Any drivers who we feel would benefit from further training may wish to proceed and sit the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) test. Gills can arrange this for you. If you would like more information on advanced/defensive driving please call 096 73030, email or use our Enquiry Form