4 X 4 On/Off Road Driver Training

The aim of this course is to be able to Drive 4x4 Vehicles safely and competently both on & off road

  • Risk Assessment Driver - Licence, Attitude, Behaviour
  • Vehicle - External checks P O W E R
  • Interior cockpit drill
  • Identify Hazard's

Course Objectives:

  • Comply with legal requirements while driving and best practice
  • Risk Assessment - Driving 4x4 type vehicle on / off road
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • What causes crashes / accidents
  • Controls of Ford Kuga and systems
  • Power checks
  • Prepare vehicle for off road use
  • Route Assessment and Suitability
  • Identifying faults
  • Hill Climb / Explanation
  • Drive over a variety of terrain

Presentation can be tailored to suit your company vehicles ie Landrover's, Ford Kuga's etc

Certification will issue on completion of course If you would like more information on 4 x 4 on/off Road driving please call 096 73030, email info@gillgroup.ie or use our Enquiry Form

Please call the office on 096 73030 for details of ADR full and refresher courses