Industrial Bulk Gas Tank

No matter what size installation, Flogas can supply a suitable bulk gas tank for your commercial needs. All industrial installation procedures are professionally managed by our customer support team from selecting the correct tank size, tank location through to final installation. Flogas will ensure that all work is completed smoothly and efficiently with minimum inconvenience to industrial customers.

For commercial customers, Flogas offers a computerised Top-Up System which automatically arrange top-ups so that there is a constant and reliable source of gas without even needing to place an order.

While all our cylinders meets stringent health and safety guidelines, Flogas use secure tamper-proof cylinder seals (Securiseal) for Flogas Butane and Propane cylinders. Such seals are a sign of a quality product and a guarantee that the cylinder is full and has been tested to the highest standards. We can also provide expertise and support for those dealers wishing to expand their business by offering appliance sales

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